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Thread: Swazi microback trousers

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    Swazi microback trousers

    Does anyone have a pair? How do you rate them?

    It's not clear to me whether they have the waterproof liner throughout or only on the seat? They seem good value, but I'd also welcome comments on issues with tax and shipping when bringing them over from nz.


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    Its only the seat that's lined novice
    They are very hard wearing, they are not a baggy fit on the leg and are very warm
    However, when you are trying to be quiet the liner can be noisy against the fleece outer so bare that in mind, not hugely noisy and they do quieten down with use mind, otherwise they are great.
    I prefer the bush pants for stalking to be honest

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    I had a pair for a while. Didn't like the fit, looked like sweat pants or pyjamas, and the sizing seemed small.

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    To be honest I had a pair and forst outing I ripped them on a bit of barbed wire. Essentially they are just fleece and so not waterproof but they do dry quickly. Well made but I just failed to find their use in the British countryside so moved them on.

    I don't think you would be disappointed with them but as with all clothing you need to match your cloyhing to your activity

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    Cheers gents. Don't quite see the point in only waterproofing the seat, especially as my thar jacket has been purposely cut long so it covers you when you sit. Think I'll save my money.


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    I have a pair I wear when stalking, really like them, the dry seat works well if wearing a short coat when sitting on damp ground , also if on the quad or mule, they are a year old nearly and get worn at least twice a week, unlike other trousers they dry quickly if you go through wet fern, I never wear a big waterproof coat as we don,t need one down south.

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