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Thread: meindl dovre extreme gtx

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    meindl dovre extreme gtx

    Lads anyone know who is the cheapest of meindl dovre extreme gtx size 9 boots

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    I bought a pair off Bushwear last year for 195. W. Slack & Sons used to do deals on them too but they are too popular now.

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    Ya 240 is the best I can get so far

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    rutland cycling 212.49

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    Recently done a bit of digging around for a mate. Cheapest I could find were W Slack and Sons at 244.50. Bushwear are a few quid more. If ordering from net get a 1/2 size bigger than your normal. If you are buying from a shop you will see why.

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    I see 195 on eBay from Germany
    dont know if I coud trust them

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    Anyone ever buy them from eBay

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    Second that a 1/2 size bigger, I had to send my 8s back and get a 8 1/2

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    Definately "try B4 U Buy" and with a thick pair of merino socks they are a very comfortable boot. But if you want a longer lasting boot look at Lundhags Syncro or pro ranger high. Just better designed and last ten times longer.

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