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Thread: Newby here

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    Newby here

    Just joined what looks to be a really fascinating - and helpful/useful - bunch. Although I use a bog standard BRNO (only just a bit younger than me) for bunnies, my particular interests are in classic and historic rifles (and pistols), with a penchant for Mausers and Mannlichers - works of art everyone!

    Delighted to chat about these all day and every day!

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Hi, nice to someone else from essex

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    Thank you all. I'm hoping the forum can shed light on a drilling I've just acquired, Collath patent (under the delightful name of TESCO - Techner und Collath). Once I've done a little more basic work on it (advice on re-lining the drilled-out rifle barrel), then I'll post asking for help and advice.

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    Interesting project. What are your options and preferences re calibre for it?
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    To be honest, I really don't yet know. Partly ignorance and partly I am limited by the current external diameter of the messed-up lower barrel (the two side by side shotgun barrels are fine); hence need to do a bit of work on what will safely fit into the current barrel. I've yet to take serious or detailed measurements; I would prefer a traditional calibre.

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