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Thread: Classic rifles display 28th March - Essex

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    Classic rifles display 28th March - Essex

    There will be a display of classic sporting guns at the Herts & Essex Shooting Association (HESA) Field Firing Match competition on Saturday 28th March. These displays have been running for some years now the year before last had a gun punt and two dirty great punt guns as part of the exhibition and you can expect to see anywhere between 40 and 100 guns on show in the HESA club house.

    They were started to give competitors at the competitions something of interest between their shooting Details. However, they have grown a bit and are now worthy events in their own right. This year the focus will be on classic and historic sporting rifles muzzle-loading as well as cartridge, and include British and European rifles.

    The displays are open to non-competitors but if you would like to display, contact me to arrange space. There is no charge for this and all you need to do is be prepared to talk about your rifle(s) to anyone showing the slightest interest in them!

    The display is open 11.00am to 3.00pm Saturday 28th march 2015. The HESA range and clubhouse are midway between Braintree and Chelmsford, about 15 minutes from Stansted airport with dual carriageway pretty well to the door.

    The Field Firing Match is not your average gravel belly small bore shoot, but covers all classes of small-bore rifle including bunny bashers and early rook and rabbit calibre rifles such as .310 cadet and .300 Sherwood, as well as standard .22 rim fire and modern target rifles. Shooting is prone, kneeling, standing and snaps or some quite challenging disruptive pattern targets. If you want to shoot, contact me and I can put you in touch with the Match Director (or phone them directly 07960 489932).

    Chris Smith

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    its a good way to spend some time with like minded people

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    We think so; the only down side is the amount of tea one needs to drink to keep the throat from drying-up, with all the chatting (sorry) serious discussion which goes on.

    Joking aside, the displays have turned-up with some very fine examples as well as some very rare examples. Last display of sporting guns had a wheel-lock rifle from an Imperial Austrian hunting lodge!

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    Just goes to show you dont know what is on your doorstep!! Looks like i live close to this club but hadnt heard of them, will certainly be contacting for more information

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