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Thread: Decent headlamp

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    Decent headlamp

    Anyone know or use a decent headlamp

    i have and have been using led Lenser for years and years

    recently purchased the 14.2 and it promptly went back after two weeks of using with a programme fault, as expected from LL immediately returned with a new one - can't fault the service from them.
    Tonight the new one has now gone on the blink, it gets well used each week and I thought the upgrade to more lumens was great, just what I wanted.

    has anyone tried the Fenix or Princeton lamps, I would like one with just a on and off switch, low or high brightness switch without all the finicky rubbish, just a basic high lumen output lamp with no frills

    going to give the LL back as soon as I can pick up another decent lamp, this one just cuts out on you.

    any preferences most welcome



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    i also use the led lenser ajustable beam and brightness can't fault it mty

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    i also use the led lenser ajustable beam and brightness can't fault it mty

    yep. I thought I had just got a Friday night one on the first one, after the second one has gone t*ts up, time to look for a different make, have looked at the Fenix, they all seem to put too much gadgetry on these nowadays

    I've never had any problem with LL before, in fact I've still got a perfect working divers torch I purchased 16 years, it don't see much water these days, 😃 but it still works perfectly.

    Packed it back up, its going back Monday, have asked for a report on the fault, before they just swap over again.



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    yup they are a good set up for working or spotting

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    I use a Tikks Petzl, variable light funtions. waterproof and hard wearing

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    sniper systems Cyclops. had it for nearly two years used a lot. wouldn't buy anything else.

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    Petzl Tikka XP - variable white beam, plus red for general work. Exceptional too and comfortable to wear.
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    very nice to meet you phillip all the very best feller.

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