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    I need to replace my worn out, Windstopper, shooting gloves, which, I would say,have been OK. A nice tight fit, thin, allowing good feel of trigger etc., but, no surprises, useless when wet. Used, mainly, with a shotgun, but also stalking.

    I am looking at the following, and would appreciate firsthand experience recommendations.

    Shooting Gloves | Leather Right Hand Shooting Glove

    Sporting Lodge 'Woodcock' Pittards Shooting Gloves

    MacWet Long Cuffed WindStopper Backed Glove - Green |

    Men's Barbour Leather Shooting Gloves

    Musto Leather Shooting Gloves

    Seeland Winsor Shooting Gloves

    I am very tempted to try a silk lined pair, but wonder if the lining makes the glove feel too thick?

    For many years I used this type, Sporting Lodge Pittards Lammie Gloves, with great success, but now find my fingers more sensitive to the cold.


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    Try Norrona Finniskogen shooting gloves.



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