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Thread: Roe sack liners

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    Roe sack liners

    Hi all
    I was given a lovely gift from a lad I used to support and ferry about when he was in the same football academy as my lads
    He is now in the forces and yesterday dropped me off a great rucksack
    It would make a great roe sack, however I would like to get a liner for it
    Any thoughts???

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    Plastic rubble sacks. Make sure you get strong ones and a roll will last for ages. Just the right size for Roe.
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    I use sacks the chap from DEFRA leaves for me, very tough (in red) just right for dirty smelly foxes.
    As above builders rubble sacks doubled up might work, plenty of heavy duty products around.


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    Cheers gents. Not sure what the defra sacks are- biological waste ??

    Thanks again

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    Send a pm to monarch country products. He provided me with a spare liner for one of his roe sacks, so he can source them separate to the complete sacks as well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by marrajack View Post
    Cheers gents. Not sure what the defra sacks are- biological waste ??

    Thanks again
    I would say so as they have to sit around for a couple of days before he pick them up...


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    IKEA it is. Forgotten I have a couple for logs etc. dohhhhh

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Polytarp material, it's junk. Snags too easily and goes to holes. Also the coating comes off on corners etc and leaves just the fibres

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    I use one of those as a spare roe sack in the boot of the car but they are far from water/blood proof.

    the rubbery plastic rubble sacks are goo but they can be punctured fairly easily so careful when you stuff it in

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