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Thread: Electric Boot Driers

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    Electric Boot Driers

    Alright folks

    Does anyone know of any decent makes of electric boot driers??

    I have searched online and found loads and loads but most seem to be quite cheap, i'm imagining for drying a pair of sweaty trainers.

    I trying to get some use out of a pair of useless leather boots which leak like a sieve, not too bad with seal skin socks on but horrible when u put them on next/few days later and still wet/cold esp if weather is cold. Newspaper not great at drying them out that quickly as there usually properly soaked.

    And before anyone says, Yes i will be treating myself to a decent pair sometime but just trying to get some use out off these boots done bugger all and were a suppossed decent make


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    PEET Shoe Dryer
    Not sure if there is a distributor in the UK

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    I see on that they work off 120V (i take it american supplies?)

    Seen a few air drier type things some with multiple hoses. Has anyone used them before?

    Mind years ago my dad and a sort of resin?? heating element u put inside ur boots to dry them off. That was wot i was thinking off but mibee thats old fashioned now certainly seemed to be a few air driers ones advertised

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    You want one of these.. Actually a ski boot dryer but probably the most versatile piece of kit I own.. Had it 14 years now!! Used if for all sorts, from drying ski boots, stalking boots, shoes etc to drying brass and water containers!! I guarantee , no matter how wet your boots are, run this in them overnight and the next morning they will be dry and toasty warm without being so hot that it damages the leather.

    ThermicDryer Boot Dryer 230V UK Plug - Edge And Wax

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    I've got one of those ski boot dryers. Works well on gloves as well as boots.


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    Cheers vipa/Jeff thats the thing i was looking for

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    Colin's shoe dryer from clas ohlson, 20 plus delivery, works a treat

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    Looked at the writing on my 25 year + old boot drier and googled ' Skofus adax ' This link came up. It does eveything from freshening up yard boots to neoprene lined wellies. Admittedly drowned neoprene needs a couple of runs.

    Products ADAX heaters - Shoe dryer ST - ADAX


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    I have a Peet dryer mines 240v i got it in NZ sorry what was i thinking the wife has a peet drier brilliant bit of kit

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    Equestrian stores will have a selection. Lots have catalogs.

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