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Thread: Random stuff for sale - laptop, screens, trainers etc

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    Random stuff for sale - laptop, screens, trainers etc

    So here goes

    Pair of unworn nike Air Max Torque 6 (white /grey swoosh /black piping) Never worn bought for me last Xmas as a present (dont like them!!) size 13 mens 50 posted

    Barnet Legend recurve bow + 5 fibre glass arrows 35 collected (over 18's only)

    1 x Dell Latitude D620 laptop, this is lightly used, but will need to be wiped, a new battery(12) (if you want), power pack (8) and keyboard (about 12), all of which are cheap for this model. 65 posted

    1 x Dell branded laptop bag 20 posted (postage is about 8)!!

    1 x Dell 19" LCD monitor (serial no' E198FPf) working perfectly includes leads, a couple of small scratches on the screen from use 48 posted (Postage is 12)!!

    NEC model X461HB 46" screen monitor (note monitor not tv!). This has a slightly damaged screen (pixel bleed) but this is still easily usable and our kids have used it like this since i bought it. 100 collected it also has part of a wall/pole bracket attached to the back (we just proped it up) includes all leads and remote.

    Pictures available for all itens on email if you PM me your address -


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post

    1 x Dell Latitude D620 laptop, this is lightly used, but will need to be wiped,


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    It has windows corporate security on it. 30 at your local computer shop /or someone who knows what they are doing will remove it.

    Ive sold a few of these now, they are a bargain as the model is well spec'd, but easily modified with upgrades.

    It would form a good base to work from -

    does that answer your question?...

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    I think he may have thought you'd been watching porn on it!!!

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