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Thread: gaining new permission

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    gaining new permission

    hello all. im looking for some advise from the people on this site who have paid for stalking. i am looking at trying to get the stalking on two pieces of ground near me. The stalker before used to pay for the stalking rights on the land. im looking to try and take it over as he has now moved away and i know there is not anyone stalking it at the moment. i shoot the farm next door and a farm in the next door village so my name is known in the area. i was thinking about sending a letter asking if he was interested in selling the stalking and if so leaving him my number to give me a call. my thinking was that if i did it this way rather than confronting him he would have a bit more time to think about it and more likley to say yes. as i have never paid for any stalking i dont really know how to go about it, most of my ground is from people i have known for years so i have never had to knock doors so to speak. any help would be appreciated. pm if you like.

    thanks all

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    Go and introduce yourself face to face, takes more effort and balls and is far more personal than a letter. What's the worst he can say, no. If you write a letter and he doesn't respond you'll alway ask yourself what if? Just go speak to the guy. Good luck.
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    agree with 308 altho would add if you have stalking next door why not ask the owner there to drop him an email and say you will be coming round to introduce yourself etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by sh1kar View Post
    agree with 308 altho would add if you have stalking next door why not ask the owner there to drop him an email and say you will be coming round to introduce yourself etc
    thanks from the advise to far. i did think of name dropping my existing stalking but i didn't want it to seem like i was land grabbing or being greedy

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    Go and see the guy in person! the old ways are the best! name dropping doesnt do any harm either provided they get along? first impressions count the most! try and start and finish with a handshake, Dont turn up at Breakfast, Lunch or Tea time! Best of luck.

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    Go and see him face to face and discuss the matter if he is moving away someone will soon fill the spot so seeing the face would be good then leave an open invite if he's back in the area then he won't feel he's loosing it completely

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    I'm not being sarky or snobby, but from your post your written English is not exactly the greatest. You would probably make a much more favourable impression on a face to face basis. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanty Wrassler View Post

    I'm not being sarky or snobby, but from your post your written English is not exactly the greatest.
    Maybe not, but it could be said you might be being 'unnecessary' perhaps?
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    Why not ask the landowner where you have permission if his/her neighbour is approachable as you have heard that the land is not being shot over at the moment and you would like to expand your shooting area keeping it all within easy reach.

    Unless you already pay for your shooting now I wouldn't mention any money or your landowner may take offence that you are offering money for the neighbours shooting and not his/hers but if you are then drop a hint that you would be willing to pay something to lease the shooting and your landowner may be prepared to contact the neighbour and vouch for you, if not you could ask if they would be willing to vouch for you and the fact you are a responsible, trusted person who manages their wildlife/pests etc.

    If you are going to approach this new landowner yourself, try and go when they are not busy and avoid times when they will be eating their meals, so this narrows it down to early evening. I have been having lunch at the farm on many occasions when the phone has gone off or someone turns up and the farmer has not been very happy being disturbed.

    May sound daft but also try and go after we have had a couple of nice days with the weather as this also puts a bee in their bonnets getting behind with planned work and if the farmer mentions he is behind then offer your help. Good luck!

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    Try to find out if one of your existing landowners knows this farmer, and ask for a personal introduction.
    Then go and see him face to face, after making an appointment for a convenient time and day. Bring copies of your FAC, ID and any qualifications you have.
    If this farmer sells any produce from the kitchen door (Fruit, veg, potatoes, fowl, whatever..) make sure you buy a good quantity for cash BEFORE you ask him for shooting permission. It will now become very difficult for this farmer to turn you down
    Try to agree to share any venison 50/50 and promise that you will not do any commercial activities such as selling carcasses or bringing paying guests on the land. Most likely you'll get the stalking without having to pay a penny.
    Good luck.
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