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Thread: 22 hornet

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    22 hornet

    22 hornet
    i have a New England firearms. Also known as a Harrison and Richards break barrel rifle with varmint barrel and weaver scope rail shot less than 200 rounds in excellent condition screw cut for a moderator ideal short rifle for in a vehicle pm me for more pics if needed. 18 inch barrel overall length of gun 33 inch screw cut 1/2 unf Scope and bipod not in saleŁ220
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    Could you weigh it with out the bipod.
    would be interested

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    It's 6 and 1/2 lbs with scope fitted very wel balanced

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    looks perfect
    am wondering if this could be easily rechambered?

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    Could be taken out to 5.6x50r - effectively a rimmed .222. Or you could go .222 but you would need to modify extractor to lift a rimless cartridge. You then have twist rates to worry about. Simplest is to take it out to k-hornet but not enough capacity to make it roe deer legal.

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    Lovely Truck Gun I agree would make a great little "K" Hornet project ! Sadly I've got just too many projects going on just now ..Good luck with the sale ..Bump from me ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heym SR20 View Post
    You then have twist rates to worry about.
    forgot all about that
    1:16" most hornets arent they?
    bit slow for 50-60gr I think

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