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Thread: Woodcock

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    Hello all,
    What are people's siting's of Woodcock this season, and what is your policy on shooting them? I've seen that GWCT are recommending leaving them following two bad breeding seasons in Russia, we are advising our Guns to do the same. We're in Norfolk, I understand there are some good numbers in Scotland but we have seen very few compared to last year.

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    Relatively few here this year. I've seen some, shot one.

    I heard one or two good reports from west Tyrone and Donegal, but these places are Woodcock hotspots.

    I rarely shoot them now, and never on a driven day. Shoot a couple over my GSP for traditions sake.

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    Thanks - we've only had about 3 or 4 in the bag all season. A couple on a driven day in the woods, a couple on walked-up which was before I saw the GWCT article.

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    Loads of them up here at the moment . Hardly had any hard frost so they have stuck around

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    loads down here. better than last year

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    a few here had about 9 shot so far on the shoots,

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    few arrived later and well down on previous years so far this season.

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    Not as many in Sussex as I have seen in recent years but have probably seen a dozen or so. Shooting in Suffolk I had 4 straight over me in one day just before Christmas. Shot one, left the rest. Prefer watching them to shooting them on the whole. Like eating them though!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomm View Post
    loads down here. better than last year
    I am in Cornwall and seeing less than winter 2013/14 but still got plenty. See about 5 or 6 in an evening flight whereas last season average would be 10-12. Not so good for snipe this year though.

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    Not seen as many as last year and generally don't shoot them , most shoots I've been on have asked not to shoot them.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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