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Thread: what wood is this

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    what wood is this

    hi all stripped my mates gun stock for his 17hmr and we not sure what wood it is the folks on pigeon watch think its walnut any idea Click image for larger version. 

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    tiger stripe walnut on a cz varmint wish it was on my tikka
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    That is a fantastic peice of timber for a modern factory rifle!

    Looks almost maple and with a wee bit of quilting.

    Gonna look super fantastic if given a proper oil finish.


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    im jealous mine has a patch of it on the side of the butt,none along the stock ,doug
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    Hi chaps, it's my hmr varmint that Mr shippers is doing a brilliant job on, he done me proud on my tikka m55 308 as well(might post some pics if I can figure out how to!) we are thinking of staining the cz in a mid grey so the stripes come through nearly black. Any thoughts on this?

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    Seems a bit of a shame in my eyes to stain such a nice piece of wood. If it were mine I would be looking into a nice, semi-matte sp? natural oil finish that brings out the character of the wood. Of course the trade off is a bit more maintenance. It's your rifle, so do what you like I suppose.

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    What wood is this? I think I know.
    His house is in the village though.

    Ah - but I digress: it must be a Frosty night!

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    I know what you're saying Alastair , but I'm looking to use an alcohol based stain which is easier to remove if I ever wanted to. I've looked at other grey stocks and if anything, the grain becomes more prominent. How many brown guns do you need to see!

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    I would have said it was flame maple but I dont know if they make stocks out ofmaple. regards SBM

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