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Thread: Head torch for under 40

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    Head torch for under 40

    Hi guys,

    In the market for a new head torch now that my LedLenser model is wrecked.

    Under 40
    no strobe function
    potential for red light
    dimmable brightness
    rechargeable (12v or 5v)
    lightweight (sometimes used for jogging)
    ability to angle to direction of light
    would like the option to go from spot to flood

    Thanks in advance

    P.s. I'm not asking for everything, i understand in compromise when a price point needs to be hit.

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    I bought a silver line one from Nordic outdoor. Very good indeed about that price can be re charged or use batteries

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    I recently bought a rechargeable headlamp from for 17ish about 3 months ago. The build quality is very good for the price, and to be honest it looks very similar to branded models that you can buy for 3 times the price. Mine has hi, lo and strobe with adjustment for flood to spot. on hi power you can see out to about 80-90 yards. There's a big selection available, so you should be able to find something that fits your requirements. Delivery took a couple of weeks

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    Try the "Go Outdoors" web site, plenty to choose from in your price range and with the features you want.

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    Culson do some, a very good mate of mine bought one for fishing and he`s pleased with it and it has a red light.



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    cluson HL10,rechargable,comfortable,excellent lamp

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    Silva Trail Runner II. I use it for ...... trail running and it is good for the price.
    Takes rechargeable batt's lasts ages.

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    We tend to use a lot of Alpkit ones while out camping & doing Bushcraft stuff in the woods. Good value,lots of functions & pretty cheap. I have about 8 Gamma's in various coats, packs & cars.

    LED camping lanterns and head torches - Alpkit

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    Tesco are doing led energiser headlights for 12quid.

    Better than the old style ones, had a couple of the older ones but this is better put together, got red, high and low beam and can bend it down

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