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Thread: South African keen hunter

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    South African keen hunter

    I was born in South Africa and lived there until the age of 24. I am now living in Maidstone, Kent. I am an Electrician by trade. I have hunted in South Africa and England. And heard about this forum from a friend.

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    welcome mate this is one of the better forums to be on very helpfull lads .


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    Welcome to the site you will get loads from it. Look forward to Reading your posts


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    Hey rjohnscuba,

    Welcome and good to see some more colonials joining up. Tell us a bit about your hunting experience in UK and SA? Better still post some piccies.

    Did my 1st plains game hunt with Mananga Safaris in Limpopo province a few yrs ago. What a blast! Had a brilliant time. Every stalker should get the chance to hunt SA (particularly good for 1st timers) but I'm into fair chase and don't like canned shoots or game farms too much, so for that reason choose to go to Namibia for my 2nd trip. Had no idea until I went to Africa how important hunting is to african economies and what a difference it makes to game conservation.


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    Thanks for the warm welcome, I am already impressed at the friendliness of the lads on this forum.
    Happy hunting

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    Howzit, from a fellow South African on the forum!

    I'm originally from Durban but lived in the UK for 8 years now. Like you i've hunted in SA and UK (and a few other countries too).

    You'll find the forum very informative/helpful and the lads on here are a great bunch - very friendly and helpful.


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    Welcome RJ. I hunt in RSA at least once a year. Have been going since 1997. Welcome to the Forum.

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    Howzit Sp4kman,

    I am from Durbs too, been here 12 years now. This forum seems very helpful. Am always glad to speak with likeminded people.

    Keep in touch

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    Hello 50/50,

    I definately agree, South Africa can be a very hunter friendly environment. All my South African hunting has been in Natal. I've had two impala and one blesbuck, all on seperate occasions. The great news is that, in many cases, conservation and hunting converge which means that all animals culled will enter the food chain at some point and financially contribute to the local economy.

    Happy hunting

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