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Thread: Budget starter Rifle

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    Budget starter Rifle

    I am new to stalking and awaiting the delivery of my FAC with a slot for .308. Unfortunately money is tight at the moment and so I hope to buy a bargain starter rifle and would appreciate any tips or advice from those with much more experience. I hope to spend less than 300 on the rifle and have short listed the following:

    Parker Hale a Safari/Safari Deluxe
    Parker Hale Scout
    BSA CF2
    CZ 550
    Ruger M77

    I am not a fan of synthetic stocks and I am happy to repair and refinish walnut stocks and I would prefer S/C. Can anyone recommend any other 'cheap' rifles to consider and provide any key info or problems with the rifles on my short list?

    Apologies if this has been asked too many times before and thanks in advance.


    Gary (new member)
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    hi gary if it were me and it is im skint all the time,grandkids dont ask,! go for cz or look for an howa both solid and accurate rifles or stick another 250 on for a tikka t3 in wood blued,hunter,

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    I picked up a cz550 from this forum and I am well pleased it shoots like a dream,

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    BRNO ZKK600 is another to look for (predecessor to the Cz550).

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    Speak to Andy in EOC gary

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    Hey Gary , I've owned and used all of the above , with the exception of the scout . Any one of them will do the job . Have a look at a few and see which one fits you best and go from there . There's nothing wrong with buying used , just make sure it's got a decent bore and doesn't have any major issues . If you know any one who is familiar with firearms , take them with you . Maybe someone here might volunteer ? I'd go with you but it's a bit far lol .

    All the rifles on your list are good solid rifles , it's what has been done to them before you get it that leads to problems . Look at the bore for any pitting , check the stock for any cracks , especially in the tang area , or any signs of home " gunsmithing " . Buggered screw heads are usually a bad sign , as is damage to the barrel crown . Finally , check to make sure everything functions as it should . That's the thing about rifles , you won't really know until you shoot them . If you can buy a rifle that you know can shoot will make it a lot easier , again , maybe someone here can help you out . I'm sure there's somebody here that knows of a good , reliable and reasonably accurate 308 that's available for an affordable amount . Sorry I couldn't be of more help brother , but I'm sure someone here will be along and help you out .


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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurie View Post
    BRNO ZKK600 is another to look for (predecessor to the Cz550).

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    Accuracy is ALL for what it's worth. Next comes chamber dimensions (if you reload you don't want a crappy Parker Hale slack chamber) finally outside finish. I'd sooner have a battered accurate rifle than a pristine rifle that won't shoot a group.

    If you can get a chance to try the rifle on a range that is the best of all.

    I'd rate the BSA as better than the P-Hale but bear in mind that 'scope mounts for most P-Hale are bog standard "generic Mauser" whereas BSA are either "generic Remington 700" on some models only. Other BSAs are special to that model...I believe but am happy to be put correct on that.

    My choice would be Ruger M77, CZ 550, BSA, then only if exceptional the P-Hale and for my opinion if it isn't the P-Hale M81 Classic I'd pass it by. But do be aware that some have slack chamber issues.

    Spares for the BRNO ZKK are non-existent BTW.

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    I have a CZ 550 in 308. Superbly accurate but heavy as an anchor. Save a bit and get a Tikka T-3 Lite in 308. Carry it all say like a sigh and shoots like a dream.~Muir

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    I have at one point had a number or PH, Midland, BSA and BRNO (the better quality CZ)

    Currently have a PH in .270, a midland in .243 and a BSA Majestic (higher model than the CF2) in .270, a BRNO in .222
    The PH .270 is a sporterised military action with a stripper clip notch

    not one of them cost me anywhere close to 300, one actually paid me
    every one of them is a shooter
    I reload for them all despite the "PH slack chambers"!!

    hunt around and get an earlier PH or BSA
    better quality
    check for fit most importantly
    The CZ often has a hogsback stock which is not conducive to good head position if scoped with anything other than a very small, very low objective

    buy privately and you will get more for your money
    buy entire systems (rifle, scope, mounts, mod, sling etc etc), you will get more for your money and once your sell off what you don't want you will find the rifle is often free!

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