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Thread: Reloading bits final clear out

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    Reloading bits final clear out

    100 x Lapua 6mmBR cases. Approx 50% unfired, 50% once fired. 70 inc postage.

    200+ 6mm Precision Ballistics 88gn Bullets. 60 inc postage.

    Handyview prism from Excellent piece of kit when using powder scales. 15 inc postage. SOLD.

    Lyman Turbo Pro 1200 Tumbler. Used but very good condition. 50 inc postage. SOLD.
    (Bag media and bottle of Frankford Arsenal Brass Polish included.)

    K&M Neck Turning Kit, including 6mm and 6.5mm mandrels. 60 inc postage. SOLD.

    K&M neck Expander Kit, including press adaptor, 6mm and 6.5mm expander mandrels. 25 inc postage. SOLD.

    Case Prep Kit. 20 inc postage. SOLD.
    2 x RCBS handles
    1 x Flash hole chamfer tool. Complete with 6mm & 6.5mm pilots.
    1 x Case mouth chamfer tool
    2 x primer pocket cleaners. (Small & Large).

    6.5x55 L.E. Wilson case Holder. Unused. 10 inc postage. SOLD.

    6.5x55 Modified Case. 5 inc postage. SOLD.
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    Can i have the Lyman Pro Tumbler Please.
    PM Sent

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    Hi Tikka.
    Could I please have the handyveiw and the 6.5 modified case.
    I would like to pay with paypal and will pay the fee.


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    can i have the 6.5x55 lee case holder please
    pm sent

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    I'll take the case prep stuff please -pm sent this morning

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    I'll take the K&M neck turning/expanding kit, thanks.
    pm sent

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    All PM's responded to and list updated.

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    Thanks Tikka.
    I just need clarification on the other post to total what I owe you.


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    bolx missed the KM 6.5 gear damn 5 am starts

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    I appear to be late but where did you get the handyview from originally. Cheersj

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