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    one for one

    just got back from glasgow doing the one for one 223 for222 handed in my bit of paper teling them i had sold the 223 can i fill in the variaton form just now and eney chance i can get it today hooo hum yes you can get it today well put down for the 222 220rounds of 222amo and while i was there put in another 220rounds in 243 handed the form back in got it back in ten min all done got the lot well done glasgow and big thanks to leesa wish i had put in for a bmg50 think it was my lucky day
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    New chief constable involved in Pitt Street nowadays. Things seem better than when Donaldson was there. Getting us in for interviews for renewals etc. I had to throw my dummy out to get my ammo increased to own 200 and buy 100 !!

    word got around and everyone turned up with SACS, BASC and SGA to interviews. Interesting times

    A few got a really hard time. I have never had an issue mind as I am a fine upstanding member of society.

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