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Thread: recemondatons for 222

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    recemondatons for 222

    what can you recomend in 222 and best amuniton for fox /roe in scotland what rainge is the max for this gun thanks

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    Hi Wraith I shoot a Sako s491 in .222 its an old rifle but really solid with excellent woodwork,I use 50 grn homeloads at the moment on both fox and small Deer when not being fed homeloads it likes 50grn s/p sako and i am very lucky that it will also works very well with privi.
    I have shot it out to 400 but it takes some playing and getting used to its trajectory but saying that i took it to Bisley a few weeks back and it was printing some very respectable groups at 300yds.
    If you can find one this would be a .222 a would highly recommend
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    I homeload all my .222 so cannot really comment on factory loads but used to use winchester 50g xxx soft points which were pretty good.
    I now load 50g Hornaday v-max for foxes and 55g soft points for Roe. I have used the v-max for Roe and never had a problem but decided to stop after hearing the bad press about them.
    As for the range of the .222 I would tend to stop at around 200 yards as bullet drop gets quite harsh after 230-250. I do take foxes at 250 with the .222 but I also practice at this range to get used to the drop.
    It is a really cracking round to shoot, you will enjoy it the first time you get it on the range.


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    sako in 222 seam to get good revews so sako amo easely got where i am not a bad rainge for the small round i have shoot meney deer with my 223 to 370yards will now use the 222for head and neck shots onley as i was told it was more acurate than the 223 thanks

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    Some manufacturers make the .222 in a dedicated small action whereas others use the same action for 22-250 and 243.
    The small action is preferred. go into a shop and compare a Sako (small) or Cz (small) with a Tikka 590 or BSA CF2 and you will notice the difference.

    .222 seem to sell for less money than .223 on guntrader, there was a Sako 75 for 500 in Lincs about a month ago.

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    Not a very fashionable choice but most foxes where I shoot are taken with a CZ American .222

    Its very accurate and always has been both with factory soft point federals and 50gn to 55gn ballistic tip homeloads.

    My Tikka M595 (.22-250) is undoubtedly a nicer finished rifle and smoother but the .222 is as accurate and with the Zeiss Conquest on top is the one that gets used more. That said he i probably going to swap it in for a Sako / Older Tikka soon


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    Hi, i dont think there is any truth in that .222 is more accurate than .223 - and .222 rifles are generally cheaper because the are less desirable. you may also find that .222 factory ammunition is harder to find these days because .223 is a more popular calibre with a greater range of bullet choice from 39g to 65g - however you should determine you rifles twist rate before trying anything too heavy.

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