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Thread: Cawdor and AFBC

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    Cawdor and AFBC

    Folks - I know there are members of both Cawdor and Aberdeen Full Bore on here.

    Just interested in a bit of background - are there many at these clubs with an interest in stalking & sharpening up shooting skills for stalking rather than solely paper punching?

    My idea of joining a club would be to sharpen up my shooting skills for stalking. I wouldnt want an expectation to commit to attending a club every week for example, or compete and then let folks down by not meeting that expectation. Many moons ago my sport was archery and was very active at club and national level. Occasional shooters were not encouraged and there was a lot of focus on putting teams into competitions and league performance etc. Was fine for me then, not so much now!

    Any insights on either club would be useful.

    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    Answering as a long time member at Cawdor, I would say there are a small amount of members with a cross section of requirements , if you want to compete its your choice , if you cant make it to range days for life related reasons it ok , the only thing I would emphersise is if you have target shooting on your ticket you need to attend a reasonable amount of time's for that condition .
    In saying that I try and attend long range days , so study the calender and pick weekends , work and travelling time so not worth it in the weeknights , So really you can use the club to gain your experience , due to rules target comps and F class you might not have the right calibre to compete , but go and enjoy yourself and train at your preferred distances with your gear.

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    I am a member at cawdor. I try to attend whenever I am in Inverness. Not devoted to any discipline of target shooting I just like the day at the range. Unfortunateley work means I get there 2 or 3 times a year.

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    Id be interested in joining, just wondering can you just turn up and shoot?

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    I've asked about AFBC here previously and had very decent folk reply and was put in touch with the club secretary. Good folks, I just couldn't find the time to attend, and I've probably missed out on meeting some good and knowledgeable people.

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    You have pm mate.
    Am a member of AFBGC, but I too can only manage too few days a year. As a new member you would be on "probation" for a wee while and have a "sponsor" until you gained full membership. It's up to you whether or not you want to compete. At the other extreme I believe some folk only use it for checking their rifles zero prior to stalking and may only have the minimal required attendance per annum. I have found all members very helpful and a fountain of knowledge.

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    Outback -- I shoot Cawdor range with BDS & Strathpeffer club & thoroughly enjoy it there with them, but I could do with some better load development range time opportunities - Is the Cawdor Club calendar set up so that some days are set asside for this?


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    Thanks guys - I was a bit nervous about the 'club' side of things as every club has its own expectations of members. Happy to support and do non-shoot work to keep things going, but don't want to overcommit either.
    Both sound good and realistic, so will make enquiries.
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    Yorric , This years calendar is up , but I don't think there are days set aside for what your after, the club is very much if you have an idea as you have , it would be up to you to promote the idea .
    As you know its very much run towards the target shooter person and comp's , I do my reloading and then develop on our syndicate land .
    I have shot with your club at Cawdor and Fort George , its a pity you don't have a longer range at Stath .


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