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Thread: Mauser 98

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    Mauser 98

    Hi all,

    I need a makers list for rifles that use the Mauser 98 action. The sportier the better. If anyone could help me out that would be great.

    cheers Ed ��

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    Your budget will have some bearing on it.

    Holland and Holland use 98s but they are quite pricey.

    CZ 550 is a 98 clone and very good and pretty reasonable.


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    yeah, Parker hales are plentyfull. I want something nice - maybe case hardened between 1 and 2 k to spend - but if I absolutly have to have it..............

    im also writing a book on the subject........ So the more makers the better!!!!!

    cheers Ed

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    There are some new 98 Mauser actions built today, both conventional and square bridge, but most are built off older Mauser actions. Zastava built actions used in the Interarms Mark X, some Parker Hale and some BSA. After WWII, Brno built the Model 47, which is a great action, and FN built actions used by Sako and Browning. These are also superb. CZ made the commercial ZKK600, 601 and 602. Husqvarna built a bunch of nice Mauser-based sporting rifles. There are a lot of older custom rifles of various stock quality, and Sako and Browning rifles, which would be less expensive than the action alone is worth.

    Some very solid military Mauser actions which make nice sporting rifles would be the Czech VZ24, the Argentine 1909, the Persian Mausers, the Yugo ( Zastava ) 24/47, and the Yugo M48 ( made up into the 1980s). The M24/47 and M48 can be found in military rifles which are in unissued condition, for about $300 USD now ( and $120 just four years ago).

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    I'm googling now cheers chap

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    Winchester Model 70 is a form of Mauser Action. Also look at the Voere rifles. Kimber builds a 98 type action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    Well they are lovely price list? I gave a guy feeling it's beyond my needs like!

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    Speak to PKL on here; I'm in discussion with him about making a 7x57 for me. He specialises in Mauser actions.

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    If you could give a good idea of what it is you are looking for, or looking to build, that would help.

    For case coloring, look at and Doug Turnbull.

    Or, you could just look for a vintage sporting rifle, refinish the stock, maybe reblue it, refurb the scope, and go hunting with history.
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