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    competition dies

    I've never owned or used one, why would I need one, would I see any difference in accuracy by using one

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    No, you probably wouldn't see a benefit.
    Micrometer gimmick for the most part. I had them and the standard Redding dies, now I just have the standard Redding dies.

    I say save your money, buy bullets and powder and shoot more. You'll likely see greater benefit that way

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    I've never owned or used one, why would I need one, would I see any difference in accuracy by using one
    Hi I've loaded perfectly good ammo with lee collet dies. I only use comp dies from Forster now I had redding when I had a 25/06 but in my current calibres I use Forster ultra micrometer & neck bushing bump die. I couldn't go back to bullet seating without a micrometer die it's so easy reloading a seating die. There are some good neck bushing body dies from redding where you can fl size with a controlled neck bush diameter or you can just neck size. Forster do the neck bushing/bump die this dose neck & head space sizing for you. These dies can be good when you are working with lapua brass as you want to take care of these due to cost of materials & this is where comp dies can come in to there own. You can target your requirement of sizing your brass & work it less which saves it from work hardening etc

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    I've played about in a Parker-Hale with ALL of the following using the same load recipe. RCBS Standard FL, RCBS Small Base, RCBS Neck Size, Redding, Lee Collet Sizer, Lyman 310 Tool Dies BOTH on a 310 Tool and on a Lyman Junior Press, Forster (Arbor Press) Dies. All in .270 WCF.

    My findings were that the best group was with the standard RCBS Standard FL dies about 1" to 1.5" at 100 yards and the Lee Collet Dies. The "worst" groups were with the Lyman .310 but I expected that and, surprisingly the Forster Dies. However the rifle did have, as pointed out by Norman Clarke's P-Hale man, Bill, a "slack chamber" being broad at the base.

    So my conclusions are that quality dies might make a difference in a quality rifle but that in a mid-price mass market rifle that standard RCBS are pretty much as good as it is ever going to get. The "worst" group was the Lyman 310 but at just 3" to 4" at 100 yards would still be acceptable, if that was all that was available, for most hunting.

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    The thing I find with competition dies with the micrometer Seater is that when I'm developinga load
    it is so much easier doing the incremental oal changes. Or if I am using two different bullets in the same cal then I can just take a note of the reading on the micrometer.
    the bushings I like as I feel I'm not over working the brass all the time
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    Most bullets vary in size however you measure them, I loaded some 6.5 cal 140gr amax recently and randomly check measurements with the comparator to find one was 10 fow shorter, I went back frew the 50 I had loaded and 9 were 10 fow shorter than the others which did vary a fraction, keep the longer ones to one side, since tyen I made them 10 fow longer, bullet is a slightly different shape I guess.

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