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Thread: - anybody purchased from them

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    As title, i am after a couple of possum hollow guides for my rimmies and Rifle Bore Guides is just about the only place i can find who sells them. Anybody bought from the site??

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    What bore guides are you guys using on your rimfires? I have a couple of CZ 452's

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    Well if you use this forum and are selling or offering for sale which it appears you are you will need trade membership. This has been pointed out to you by my colleague. Please attend to it otherwise your membership may be revoked.

    Thank you
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    Im also looking for one for my sako quad 22lr if anyone can help.

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    Contact this chap mrgsm, sorted me with a couple of guides immediately. Top man

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgsm View Post
    I use the forum! you could contact me on here!
    If you are going to take orders and promote your business on the site you will need trade membership please.

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    I tried buying some from them a while back. Had a reply after a day or 2 and ten nothing! luckily I found my old ones which work but means I can only clean 4 guns at a time! :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by palo View Post
    Im also looking for one for my sako quad 22lr if anyone can help.
    Cleaning Rod Guides, Shooting SHED Contact David if you don't see the one you want. Regards JCS

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    Hi all this thread has lost me, s8mdevo is asking for advice and certainly not selling anything, or am i missing something,

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