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Thread: Lakelander rifle

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    Lakelander rifle

    Right I've been offer a Lakelander barrelee action that needs rebarreling what the general view of these it looks a nice light stalking rifle, it's a long action (7x64) but as it'll be re barrelled that's not a major issue.

    Anyone use one and any advice.

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    What are your going to change it out to? Unless the 7x64 is shot out, I would shoot it first. It is a serious all-around cartridge, really delivers the mail.

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    Never used or even seen one but always wanted to. I'd probably buy the first local one mind! What is it you fancy rebarreling it to mate?

    Quote Originally Posted by Southern View Post
    ...really delivers the mail.
    Like that! I'm gonna borrow that
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    The barrel is no good ran a borescope down it and the owner told me it patterns like a skeet choke!

    I was thinking possible 6.5 swede, but that's just an itch that might need a scratch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshwarrior View Post
    The barrel is no good ran a borescope down it and the owner told me it patterns like a skeet choke!

    I was thinking possible 6.5 swede, but that's just an itch that might need a scratch.
    I'd stick with 7x64 - less paperwork. However, I guess it depends what you're going to use the rifle for I suppose.

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    We have re-barreled a few over the years, a nice action with a 60 degree bolt lift, great rotary magazine and a trigger that is simple to adjust to a fine pull. If there was one weakness it was that the stocks did have a tendency to crack through the wrist of the stock. We normally fitted a steel rod through the wrist as in the Weatherby Mk5 stocks and had zero problems. you may need to open the bolt face slightly for 6.5 x55 but that would present no problems and it would make a fine stalking rifle. I hope that is of assistance . Yours respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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    Had one in 6.5x 55 was a cracking rifle very accurate and a joy to shoot
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    Look up Varberger and Norma rifles too as these rifles have been marketed under all three names at one time or another.

    As Mike Norris mentioned the stocks can be a bit of a problem and the large recess needed to accomadate the rotary magazine doesn't help requiring a bit more work than is usual, or at least that is what I was told by one well known Scottish rifle maker when I enquired about a problem with mine. The U.K. importer for Varberger put the company in contact with Macmillan at a trade show with a view to having the rifles available with synthetic stocks, but unfortunately Varberger went bust before that option became a reality.
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    Thanks guys this is a blind magazine and fairly sure I didn't look to hard it's not a rotary magazine. There is no stock just barreled action and metal work.

    I'll look up those 2 names but sounds like it could give me a good project.

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    They have a simple leave spring mag as I recall, not rotary.

    The Lakelander, Varberger etc are / were the precursor of the Sako 75 - similar design influences at least (60 degree bolt lift, three lug, locking bolt when safety applied.

    They make fine stalking rifles, rebarrelled or otherwise if looked after.

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