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Thread: Summer Coated Roe Buck In Winter

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    Summer Coated Roe Buck In Winter

    Came across a Roe Buck on Sunday afternoon on my ground who was in his summer Red coat. I followed him for about 20 minutes whilst he moved through the wood feed. Annoyingly he was moving at a good pace and I couldn't get within good camera range to get some snaps without making too much noise as the woodland is very steep. He looked totally healthy and had a set of antlers in velvet which looked reason. Even his bum was the summer yellow rather than white winter. He eventually got wind of me and gave a couple of barks and headed for some thick cover so all in all his behaviour was normal. I had seen a Doe and Kid the day before almost in the same spot but they where both in full grey winter coats.

    I see that there has been threads on SD about Roe in winter coats in the summer and that this could imply heath issues but does anyone have any thoughts on his chap?

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    I shot a "ginger" roe doe two years ago that was the same. If the animal is in apparently good health, then the reasons behind the anomaly are pure conjecture. My doe was quite an old animal, and I wondered at the time if it may have been age related. I'll never know now, of course because she ended up in the freezer.
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    Cheer Harry. He could well have been a ginger given how close I was to Wales. He looked to me middle aged but could have been getting into retirement stage. I'd pretty sure I saw him a couple of seasons ago but it was summer time so he was in his summer coat. I'll give him a closer inspection after 1st April.

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