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Thread: British plant/flower/tree guide?

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    British plant/flower/tree guide?

    Can anyone recomend a good book to help in recognition of British plants, flowers & trees?
    Preferrably something 'pocket sized' with good illustrations that can be taken into the field.
    I'm now getting involved in deer impact assessments and need to be able to identify damage to specific plants and trees. I know most, but there will always be a time when something unfamiliar crops up! Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds daft,

    But i had a pocket sized SAS survival handbook given to me as a Xmas present and there wasn't many of the UK wild flora/fauna species that were'nt covered - direct info too i.e. 'Poisonous' or edable next to everything - !

    Good little book that!


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    Readers Digest : Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs of Britain .

    " : Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of Britain .

    " : Book of British Birds .

    You can come across these readily in second hand book shops theres not much better about for descriptions of Flowers , Trees or Birds .

    Maybe not quite pocket size but a mobile phone camera can solve that problem ,when it comes to trees and flowers , with birds the book mentioned above gives you clear types IE field ,garden ,towns, gardens etc types of identification in flight and in size
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    Mick I use the Collins Tree Guide by Owen Johnson and David More. I will show you it today

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    I have the same "really pocket " sized book that Tommo suggests, I would say it would cover your requirements, for anything really in depth I would think you would be moving up to at least a 6"x 5" job.
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    I work in that particular field so have some insight..

    The best pocket tree guide is the Collins one. However you are dependent on drawings. I find that Roger Philips' books (although in an a4 format) are the best tree/plant/fungi guides commonly available. These are photo based and are easily used by most people. If you can correctly identify most things then have a copy of the relevant guides in the car, take samples and refer to the guides at lunch time.

    keeps your pockets free for edible goodies too!

    The only other one I use is the Flora Brittanica (Oxford University Press) but that is desk based reading material due to it's size.

    Additionallly Roger Phillips' work is on the tinterweb thingy. Just put Rogersmushrooms into a search and rescue engine and Robert will be your mothers brother.



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    Thanks for the replies chaps. Had a look at Deermans 'Collins' guide today which does look good despite being drawings and a nice size book too. I'll probably get more than one anyway as you can never have too many books! I like the idea of second hand/charity shop searches too! It probably is the sort of book they would have. Cheers!

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