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Thread: barrel length

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    barrel length

    this may sound funny as ive got one allready 223 ,but mines threaded,,,,, can anyone tell me the barrel length on a tikka t3 hunter blued that hasnt been threaded and if possible why wasnt it,?,,,,,,,,, i think some calibres came unthreaded ,but the one im after is supposed to be [standard] ie 6x5x55 not an exotic calibre,,,,,cheers doug whats the going rate for threading,?
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    Hi AN DU RU FOX,

    the 223 t3 Hunter has a 22"7/16 uncut barrel length and threaded they are 20" that is taken off the Tikka web site hope this helps

    ATB Paul D

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    thanks paul and yes ive got the same specs from tikka thats why i was asking about the threading it states a few calibres as being unthreaded but not the 6x5x55 so i was surprised when i found one not threaded ,,,,,hence me wondering on the length ,,,,incase it has been cut down at all , doug,

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    Hi Doug,

    just looked again on the tech spec they come with or with out screw cutting has the one you looked at got a proof mark near the muzzle that may tell you something but when I had my 595 cut it was 100 including proofing but that was a while ago

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    not seen it yet exept pics just feeling around ,as i say on the specs it lists the ones not threaded,,,, and 6x5 not on it,,,,its on the list as threaded, one lads getting back to me in morn with hes barrel length threaded so if mines shorter i will know its been cut, d

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    You can order any T3 unthreaded - and there are a few floating around from when they were first imported, when threading was not standard.

    As said above, unthreaded from the factory will be 22"7/16.

    If it is uncut, I would pounce on it - it's usually a sign of a lightly used rifle.

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    THANKS MUNGO sorry caps lock it is uncut and ive checked my other against another members measurements thanks eddie,they are the same so all i have to do is find out my others length,,,,,, its not in my hands yet so again thank you for replies doug ps it is mint hardly used, pps any ideas for a nice mod?for it
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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    : any ideas for a nice mod?for it

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    hmmmm er no thanks i know what you mean but its not just me its anyone else that may be within earshot,its mine now anyway deposit sent,so more fun now with a mod and a scope, cheers, doug

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