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Thread: Smoked Caseless Sausage

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    Smoked Caseless Sausage

    No matter how much I make, it gets consumed and more demanded. My 101 yr old granddad's opening statement "Did I bring some venison sausage?"
    I do my own butchering and try to hang the deer about 10-14 days with the hide on.
    Here goes: sorry we Americans haven't got to the metric system yet, so everything is imperial.
    4# ground or chunks venison, all sinew and fat removed
    1# bacon or patty breakfast sausage, if using bacon cut it into 2" pieces
    8 teaspoons Liquid Smoke
    5 tea Tenderquick curing salt
    2 tea Salt
    4 tea Pepper Hot Shots (mix of ground black pepper and red pepper)
    2 tea Garlic powder or flakes
    1 tea Whole pepper corns
    2 tea Mustard seed
    2 tea Chipotle (smoked ground hot peppers)
    Grind and mix the venison and pork together, add spices and mix everything together.
    Cover meat in tubs or bowls with plastic film pressed down on to the meat, seems to work better( or I did this way once and have stuck with it.) Chill overnight at least or 24 hrs better. Cover a cookie sheet with plastic film and grab a handfull of meat making a ball about the size of a large orange, place on film and roll into a small bagette size loaf. Trying to keep it compact as possible. Fire up the smoker and load it with these loafs of goodness. I try and smoke them about 6-8 hrs with mesquite or hickory chips. I am trying to dry it some and empart some flavor. If using a smoker, delete the liquid smoke. Haul out the loafs and dry in the oven 250 degrees F for 2 hrs, place loafs on racks in a cookie sheet to allow juice to drain. If using just the oven, try at 250 for 3-4 hours, checking for doneness. Don't leave in too long or it will be a venison cinder.
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ID:	349drive waiting to be invited in as they could smell the cooking. Deny them, and the sausage will last longer. Serve with beer and cheese and start making more. I usually double the batch for the holidays. Enjoy and let me know what you think. The sausages should be spicey but not too burning hot for the lessor mortals.
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    Sounds delicious and will have to give it a go! For anyone else who was wondering, I read the '#' as 'pounds'.


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    Time to get my brother across the big pond to send me the required ingredients note available here, im going to try this one.

    Nice one woodwhore

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    I am sorry, yes,# equal pounds. Don't be afraid to add your secret spice to it. I am sure there are UK versions of everything I am using. I tried to make it so you are not eating a salt stick. Good luck! Try Penzy Spices, good stuff, lots of curries.
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