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Thread: Lee Quick Lock Bushings

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    Lee Quick Lock Bushings

    Anyone bother with them? My Challenger gear finally arrived today & has only one included as part of the kit.............I can kind of see the advantage, but as reloading sessions are probably going to be few & far between (I have 100 fired cases ready to reload in both 22-250 and .270 and don't shoot targets that often) I can't see changing dies is likely to have me banging my head against the wall in frustration. Or am I missing something?

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    If you're loading two different calibre's I think they are worth it.
    I load .243 and 30-06. I have bushings on all my dies. Just quarter turn and you are good to go. I do check mine after the first round to see if they are still spot on. Haven't had any problems yet.

    Hope this helps. Im not a target shooter and I'm not after bullet upon bullet( it would be nice) but the deer don't complain.


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    Thanks Jon. I like the idea in principle, but I'm a complete reloading novice so I'm probably not fully-appreciating the advantage of using them. I guess they're cheap enough, so it won't beggar me to get a few on order

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    Excellent product, got them for .243 and just bought some more for .308 as said quarter turn and they are off, saves you pn about trying to get on and off.

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    Excellent. I was hoping this would be the case. I will add a load to the order. Thanks for the thread and answers.

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    Definitely worth it! Takes a lot of re-setting hassle out of the equation and they still allow for perfectly accurate ammo. Also you keep the same setting every time.

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    That's made my mind up then! Loading for 3 calibres and have been thinking about getting some bushings to keep things consistent

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