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Thread: Finger print break through

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    Finger print break through

    BBC News - Fingerprints for wildlife crime investigators

    Now able to lift finger prints from birds


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    Don,t let my wife find out.

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    Wear gloves & a hoodie.

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    Just tell them you found it stuck in some mesh so took hold of it and released it earlier before some unscrupulous sort killed it.

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    Feathers are the perfect fingerprint medium, oily, non-porous, with a dense background to get a clear impression.

    The RSCPA do seem to lack behind the crowd (for what ever reason) in forensic techniques which is a shame because with so many variables and varieties they cover there is a great chance for research if they could spare the resources.

    Nice read though

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    Another story with the fingerprints of the RSPB's propaganda unit all over it?

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