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Thread: Age Declaration/Proof ID Air Gun VCR Act abusive comments!

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    Age Declaration/Proof ID Air Gun VCR Act abusive comments!

    Hello all, please advise. I listed a BSA VC moderator on another forum and asked that any buyer send me, in the post, a declaration that they were over eighteen and, with it or by a e-mail scan, a copy of something like a gas/electric bill, driving licence or even a photo works ID. With that same name as on the declaration.

    As I believed that the VCR whilst not applying to private sellers such as myself still requires private sellers to take reasonable measures to see that the buyer is over eighteen and also that the person receiving it is over eighteen.

    Ended up with one or two buyers that wanted it it then saying that they had "Been in the Army", "Drove lorries", were "Well over eighteen and would have bought it if I had not asked for an Age Declaration" and they would not send such etc., etc.

    Fine says I in that case I'll cancel the sale to you and re-list it. And then end up getting abuse!

    Am I being reasonable or unreasonable? I've read the Dorset Police BASC leaflet and looked at page 19. Seems to me that whether we want it or not moderators would be held by any court to fall within the VCR and, additionally, RFD or not the "over eighteen" applies to all sales.

    My reasoning being that anyone can lie about their age on the internet and if I did sell to a snotty fourteen year old it is me that will then face the music and all for a mere 27.50 that I was asking.

    Comments please?
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    Seems like a very reasonable request to me Enfield.
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    Always best practice to separate the wheat from the chaff, or in some cases the chav.
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    As the seller I reckon you can apply any conditions to the sale you want. People who send abuse discredit themselves, most of what I read that I don't like I ignore and move on.

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    Sounds to me like however old these blokes are they arent acting like adults, and therefore are probably better off without!
    I'd be perfectly happy to prove my age if I wanted the item.
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    Seems reasonable. It's standard practice when you buy alcohol online usually. Makes sense and little or no bother. Quick pic of your passport on your smartphone camera and an email and sorted. I wouldn't sell it like that without some proof of age, it's you that'll be in trouble if the doodoo hits the fan.

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    can't see a problem with your request's you can always blank off the gas bill any other parts account number ect just the address in there name would be fine .

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    I agree, no hassle to show proof of age is it, seems unreasonable on there behalf if you ask me. Better to be safe than sorry.

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    Seems reasonable and shouldn't be a problem

    if be quite happy to show ID

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    Good idea to cover yourself in this day and age, and nothing you've asked is OTT

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