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Thread: Pistol Powders and substitutes

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    Pistol Powders and substitutes

    Like many people I suppose nowadays, I have little experience of pistol powders. I know a bit about rifle powders and equivalents/substitutes but what I know about pistol powders you could write on the back of a postage stamp.
    So, I have been trying to get some Unique pistol powder as I know the loads I need for the application. Anyhow, everyone I have called near Manchester doesn't have any so I am looking for a powder with similar characteristics so I can work up a load with something similar.
    Can anyone make any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Hodgsons universal or Accurate no 5 are similar...

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    The Leicester Shooting Centre has a canister of Unique. That I know I saw it today. I am located just off the M1 at the M1/M69 Junction. If you want it I'll ask how much he wants for it. I doubt it will be as much as the current importers list it at!

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    I've got a tub. Not sure if it is full or not, will check. Can't think what I bought it for either😇
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    Thank you all for your help, I have PM'd a couple of you.

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