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Thread: 155gr SMK Palmas 2156

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    155gr SMK Palmas 2156

    I bought 1k from HPS for my .308 but have decided that I wont be using it for target so no longer required.

    I have used about 30 out of the 1000 but I will say 950 for sale to be safe. They cost me just over 280.

    950x 155gr SMK Palma 2156

    Im at Bisley this sunday

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    What was the recipe you used, ive tried them a few times and didnt get them shooting aswell as the 2155 smks, atb swaro

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    Bewsher500 - How many are you thinking of?

    Swarovski - il have to check but I just loaded them at max mag length (aics) and tried 4 different powder weight of 4 rounds each and one of them was spot on. but then decided not to bother using with loading target rounds as its my go to stalking rifle.

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    Hi mildot, I maybe up bisley sunday so if you have this recipe I may have 200, this is if my back is good to go, hurt it tuesday lifting a 7metre ibeam into place grrrrr

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    let me know and il dig out the data and bag 200 up.

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    I feel my back is well enough to shoot, ive not tried laying in prone position yet, will do shortly, I will be on stickledown all morning shooting at 1000yds, are RO usually wears a hiviz yellow jacket, find yourself to there and ask for neil with 6.5 06
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