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Thread: 300 win mag load data (Speer)

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    300 win mag load data (Speer)

    Hi can any one tell me what the latest Speer manual says the loads are for 300 win mag 180gr boat tail. Using H4831SC powder and N160
    from lowest to highest with suggested speeds as well please

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    N160 the better powder Dan - 59.2gr springs to mind, but that could be BS - I'll check my load book. (These with Hornady 180gr Interlocks)
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    I didn't get great results with 160
    previous owner swore by imr4831 though

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    I didn't have any joy with N160 but N560 was good in a couple of rifles and useless in another, you don't know what you are going to get until you try all three were Tikka T3's .300WM, I think it comes down to what your barrel likes. Robert

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    Thanks everyone for your comments Muir cheers for the link. I had no joy with N160 but had awesome results with the H4831sc.
    Im pretty much cloverleafing at 100 yards just going to run it over the crono now and see what it's doing.

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