Quick one really. I'm looking to source a good quantity of hearts, lungs and livers for a product I'm developing. The requirement will be ongoing, as long as I can sell the product, so if someone is regularly getting hearts, lungs etc. that are undamaged enough to go into the human food chain, I'd be willing to provide a freezer to keep them in, and to collect them as and when. I'd need them to be tagged with date shot and if agreeable, would like to use the name of the estate on the packaging as "provenance" of the quality.

Mainly looking in the central belt of Scotland, though it wouldn't be a hardship to have to take a trip up to the highlands every now and then. I've got a couple of deer farms that can supply some (and if you work on, or know of, a deer farm that might be interested in selling their offal I'd really love to hear from you), and they will be fine for the basic product, but I'd like to be able to sell some as "wild".

Obviously I will pay for the offal. Prices will be negotiated on the quality and quantity supplied.

PM me with anything you've got.