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Thread: Model and Age of Miroku Shotgun

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    Model and Age of Miroku Shotgun

    I'm trying to work out the model of my Miroku Shotgun. I'm now looking for something a bit better in terms of fit and aesthetics (I cant knock its function) and therefore trying to gauge its worth. The following are all the marks I have found

    Barrells, Miroku Firearms MFG Co Kochi Japan, BNP 12 23/4 31/4 tons per square inch, Special Steel 12GA 23/4 77*** it also has an I in a circle of several hashed lines, sp in a circle with 3leafed flower and the letters NP ( I assume most of this is proof type , but unclear if symbols are proof related or not)

    But Pad - BC Miroku

    Under the lever - 2277*** (no letters, Im told this may be relevant)

    Other than that its got 28 inch barrels, its fixed choke don't know what but obviously different. Single selectable trigger, barrels blued, other metal work silver. Will take some pics in due course. Haven't posted full numbers as didn't seem entirely sensible.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    martin check the browning date your gun chart on google and look for the citori info ,i know its not miroku but they all use same info,,,,,if you can make any sense of it, doug,

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    Thanks will have a go tomorrow 10 mins interpreting has frazzled the grey stuff

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    Check my stickied PROOF DATE CODES post at the top of the RIFLES sub-forum and you should be able to see the age that it was proved. UK Proof Law mandates that guns imported for sale MUST be proved within a set number of days. So it'll be pretty precise as to when it came into UK and I'd doubt that it was made much earlier. Hope it helps.

    SP and the Fleur-de-Lys is steel proof I believe.

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    Model name ie 6000, mk60 etc was normally engraved into the bottom metal work in front of the trigger guard. Mine said 6000 gd1 ie model 6000 grade 1.....
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    So Def a 98 proofed gun but no progress om model. Def no model name on it. Will get pics up tomorrow. Thanks for help all

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