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Thread: S&B 8x56

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    S&B 8x56

    Just a quickie. Recently purchased this scope from SD and was wondering what the measurement per click are? 1/4" 100yd or 10mm 100m. Also there is a small screw set into each adjuster, what does this do? It's a Hungarian Klassic. Ta.

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    Ok everyone, don't all rush at once, just found an old post on here that answers all my questions!

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    Click values are 1cm @ 100m. don't touch the little screws on the turret. As you turn your turret the screw indicates how far in the travel its gone. so if you wound your turret all the way up till you ran out of travel the screw would be at one end of the scale and the other end when wound down.

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    Cheers Shaun . Ps do you have any experience with this scope?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny rem mag View Post
    Cheers Shaun . Ps do you have any experience with this scope?
    got 2 of them one on my 270 stalking rifle and one on my 22/250 foxing rifle, good well built scopes always hold zero good low light scope

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    cracking scope ,wish i had three of them,!!!

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    That's good to know guys! It's going on to my newly acquired m55 308 (see separate thread ; tikka expert required going to be used as a high seat and ambush rifle out to around 250yd max, so I wanted a scope that would cope with low light and something popping out 40yds away! I've heard they are very robust. Will I need high mounts or will I get away with mediums?

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    check the tikka pdf data dont panic its easy,i think you will find mediums and lows will fit nice on the tikka,i have 8x56 on my 223 tikka t3 in low mounts and its perfect,even with bikinis on

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    Thank you Mr Fox, low mounts? Whoopee! Do you know if I would be limited to optilocks or can I put on "proper" mounts? There are 4 screws set into the weaver mounts, but I can't seem to find any info. Ta

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    cracking scope ,wish i had three of them,!!!
    Ive three on my deer cals and one on the fox cal doug Easy no frills quality glass .

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