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Thread: New rifle or re barrel an old?

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    New rifle or re barrel an old?

    I should be in the market for a new left handed rifle around April. I was settled on buying a Tikka T3 in either 6.5x55 or .308. (This is not a calibre debate, really)

    Whilst handling new Tikka lite and hunter versions in my local I noticed a lh Tikka 595 in .22-250. The owner told me it was shot out and would find out what he'd let me have it for.

    I am estimating that the cost of re-barreling the old action and tidying the stock will cost as much as buying a T3 Lite or Hunter new.

    Which is the better action?

    What are the benefits of re-barreling an old action over buying new,if any?

    Your help is appreciated.


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    In my opinion I would buy the one that feels the best to you, if it's the old one than rebarrel to tha caliber you want. You might want to check the bolt and magazine are compatible with what caliber you want? May be a small problem or extra cost maybe.

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    I think you'll find that the 595 is a "short action", which means that a re-barrel to 308 would be fine, but I don't know if the sweede just sneaks into the "long" category? FWIW From all I have heard, I would buy the 595 and go for the re-barrel - general consensus seems to be that it was built to a higher standard. Although having said that, general consensus also seems to suggest that you can't go wrong with a T3 either....

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldmate View Post
    In my opinion I would buy the one that feels the best to you, if it's the old one than rebarrel to tha caliber you want. You might want to check the bolt and magazine are compatible with what caliber you want? May be a small problem or extra cost maybe.
    Thanks Wes. I realise that the rebarrel would be .308 due to the action and same head size as .22-250. This is fine. The magazine is not something I'd thought about though.

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    There are pro's and cons with each option.


    Rebarrelling give you more control deciding things like - barrel length , weight , riflling twist , profile , fluting options - thread size

    Theretically a custom barrel should also be a more accurate than a factory tube - but from bitter experience I know this isnt the case everytime.
    I have a standard M595 in 223 which is more accurate than both of the custom barrelled 6BRs I owned.

    The 595 action certainly feels sturdier and better built than the T3


    Theres usually a wait for the work to be complete and proofing ect - rather than just picking a rifle off the shelf.

    Not a lot of after market parts for M595 - compared with T3's

    Also bare in mind that the you will need a new mag for the 595 - as the 22.250 mag is fitted with a spacer for the shorter 22.250 ammo - you need one for 243 and 308 ( without the spacer)


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    Some very good questions that you are asking. Perhaps you need to sit down and think about what you want to be shooting in five years time? One thing to consider is that the custom route never really seems to end and can get quite expensive in terms of triggers, stocks, picatinny rails etc. The rifle below started life as a used .308 Win. It was then re-barrelled to 260 Rem and it's going to get its third 260 Rem barrel shortly.
    Take your time and have fun.


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    I think in the long run the T3 action would be better, better supply of aftermarket bits, more choice of cartridges. The T3 action has been accepted by some countries to be used as the main sniper weapon meaning it is not as bad as some make it. (I would certainly prefer it over older the models)
    Best case would be to find a shot out T3 and re-barrel to 308 with a match barrel, fit a good stock suitable to the task ahead. Saying that, there are very few that complain about the accuracy of a T3 308 or 6.5x55.

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    As a fellow Southpaw and a 595 owner, I'm not sure I agree with the statement regarding aftermarket entirely. While more manufacturers do produce product, there are suppliers for the 595 out there. The only thing I have not been able to procure for the 595 to date is a bottom metal and I have to confess I have not tried that hard to source one. One could conclude that the fact that more 595 product is coming to market shows how good the action is - but the reality is there is little difference between them and I am sure either will do you well. As has been said, let the heart make that decision as you will feel better about the end product.

    I would not hesitate to buy another 595 - indeed I am looking for a 695 LH for my next project.....
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    I'm very much a 'buy it in the morning', 'zero it at lunch' and be 'out with it in the afternoon' kind of bloke, so I would buy the new T3 in the style you like. You can rest easy that you have bought a very accurate rifle which will get the best out of factory ammunition if you don't reload and in the unlikely event that you have any problems, you have a warranty.

    You know going in what your costs are going to be and you are pretty much guaranteed an accurate rifle which will last you a long time. As an aside, I'm sure you realise that the Tikka T3 action is one size, so if you fancy the Swede, the action won't be any bigger than the .308.



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    If you do the work yourself, re-barrel.
    If you need to have someone do it for you, buy another rifle.
    With guns of that value it wouldn't be cost affective to re-barrel really, would it?

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