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Thread: Labrador/Bavarian cross

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    Labrador/Bavarian cross

    Both parents owned and worked by me (Both shown in profile pic).

    Sire: First cross Labrador-BMH (Black with brown tinge), from working parents (Bred by Lyndon Scholes who is Steve Sweetings head keeper), he has proved to be a fantastic dog, I have used him to great effect while stalking and is very good at locating downed animals in the thickest of cover, I beat regularly for grouse and consecutive days on the moor are taken in his stride, he will work cover for pheasants and will retrieve duck from water without problem. All in all he is a very steady versatile dog that I would be lost without (6 yr old)

    Dam: Pure labrador (Black) from working lines, (Head grouse keeper), very eager and a good retriever, not as rounded as the above but I've had her less time, keen to work cover and follow a trail, but she has yet to be worked with deer, obedient and so far, quick to learn (3 yr old)

    Obviously pups will be 3/4 Labrador 1/4 BMH

    If she has taken, I expect pups to be born mid March and so will be ready mid to late May, I intend to keep two dogs myself and one bitch is spoken for, any others will be advertised on here, I will update this thread as and when and will post pictures of the parents later

    I will be looking for 250 per pup, I would like them to go to working homes.

    Please PM me if you have any questions

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    Quick update,
    Born 14/03/15

    One week old

    4 Black dogs (I'm keeping two)
    5 Black bitches
    1 Yellow bitch (3/4 labrador so the genes there somewhere)

    All pups amd mother doing very well
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    Lovely looking pups and looking forward to having one.

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    Three weeks old today, this is them trying solids (wheatabix soaked in warm milk), they certainly took to it well.

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    Now becoming more adventurous

    I think if you go on the photos you can see the rest I've uploaded to photobucket, please PM me if this is incorrect. I'll try and catch they on video and upload as their getting quite mobile now

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    Two remaining dog pups (although one is spoken for), I'll post pictures of the three remaining bitches tomorrow

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    They've grown in the last ten days. How's little miss blue collar - has she still got the attitude. Really looking forward to taking her stalking.

    both parents are lovely dogs - really nice natured, but good workers.

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    Akeld, it was great to meet you yesterday, your a true Gentleman and you have done an absolutely superb job with both the Sire and Dam and pups. The pups have to be seen, utterly cute and in fantastic condition. Really well socialised pups and parents and it shows what a good job you have done with them. I'm not surprised that so many are already taken and that they went so quickly. I hope the last few go to the quality homes that they deserve.
    We can't wait to collect our new fur ball and friend tomorrow.

    Kind regards, Olaf

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