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Thread: Scottish Stag Stalking 2015

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    Scottish Stag Stalking 2015

    Looking for a recommendation or two for somewhere to go in the Highlands for the for forthcoming stag season. Only looking for a representative stag, its more for the experience.

    If there is somewhere that could offer an opportunity of a few brace of walked up grouse or a trout or two as well that would be good.

    Grateful for any suggestions.

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    Spent an enjoyable few days with the guys at West Highland Hunting | Breathtaking Hunting Experiences. Admittedly only on the hinds, but spectacular scenery and lots of deer!

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    Give big Davie a pm at scotlanddeerstalking on here for stags on the Isle of mull. Plenty of trout lochs on it as well

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    Thanks for the ideas & PM's.

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