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Thread: Replacement of 22/250 barrel on a BSA CF2 Varmint

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    Replacement of 22/250 barrel on a BSA CF2 Varmint

    My first post.
    I have a BSA CF2 VARMINT.
    I have restored the stock and bedded the action.
    However should it not live up my accuracy expectations can the barrel be replaced ?

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    Yes sir your barrel can be replaced. We are only down the road from you, so I you bare passing then drop in and we can show you what can be done. Or give us a call on 01948 841021 Yours respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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    I fear you may be setting yourself up to spend 7 or 8 hundred quid on a rifle worth 250 at a push, Graham.

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    Many thanks for your helpful advice gentlemen.
    I have managed to load up some ammo since I acquired the rifle and it is shooting well especially since I have bedded the action, floated the "19 barrel.
    It's for shooting foxes etc on Welsh hillsides.

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