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Thread: Thoughts on Nosler AccuBond?

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    Thoughts on Nosler AccuBond?

    Evening guys!

    I am wanting to start reloading in 30-06 and after opinions on this bullet. Thinking of getting 165 gr as comprimise between 150/180. I am concerned in too much meat damage and hoping that this bonded bullet will reduce that. It will be used for roe/ fallow/ reds.

    I would really appreciate your thoughts/ experiences on this before I buy them. If you have a better recommendation then I willing to take them onboard.



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    Accubond is a great bullet, I've been using the 165gr. in my 30-06 and 180gr. in 300win mag for many years and its my main hunting bullet. Very little meat damage and they usually retain about 65-70% of their weight. I also use them in 25-06 and 9.3x62....superb !

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    Thanks Konnari!! Thats what I was hoping for. I just want one reliable round!

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    I use the 130Gn in the 260, and the 140's & 160's in the 7x57 & 275, reliable and accurate in those rifles, minimal meat damage if properly placed. They work on Roe, Fallow, Sika, Reds and Pigs. Sometimes not easy to track down, Aftab ( Reloading Solutions) usually has them in stock or on back order if not on the shelf.

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    I like 'em. Use 160gr Accubond in 7mmWSM. Holds together even at zippy impact velocities.

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    All good so far! Gives me confidence before working up loads.

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    I use 110gn Accubond in my .25-06Rem. It was finnicky to find the right load and cartridge set up, but I found it two years ago and have been absolutely happy with the performance since. Excellent bullet. I run it at 3120fps MV and although not the same weight you intend to use, I imagine that once you've found the right load, you'll be pleased with downrange performance.
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Schmidt & Bender 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    Once you've narrowed down your bullet choice visit Extensive Field-Tested Rifle Cartridge Research - and look for 30-06 on their knowledge base. Loads of good info from field based testing.
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    57.0 gr of IMR-4350, RL-17, or RL-19 in Remington brass, Rem 9.5 primers, 165-gr SST, Sierra GK or Accubond ----> 2,900 fps and small groups. Frankly, the standard 165-gr bullets from Hornady, Remington, Speer and Sierra are so good, and this is a 200+ yard hunting load, you don't usually need to spend the money on premium bullets... only on some of the big, tough game.

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