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Thread: Antler on Antler

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    Antler on Antler

    Answering a previous thread led me to look through some of my hunting pics and I came across one from a few years ago that appears to show a buck whos antlers have erupted twice with the firsrs antlers and coronets sitting atop his final set. Does anyone else see what I'm seeing, or is it just a minor antler deformity?
    Also, note the hole in his disfigured left hand coronet.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Roe Buck Apr2 2013 Scarning 1.jpg   Roe Buck Apr 2 2013 Scarning 2.jpg  
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    Does look like it, did you mount it?

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    I'm pretty sure I've got it somewhere, but it's not mounted.
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    Now that's an interesting head! What makes you certain it's his previous head up there and not the result of damage during development?


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    Looking at it again, maybe what are being interpreted as coronets could be where blood pooled around the injury before hardening? Only going from the pics though, obviously.


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    Just looks like damage in velvet, see it often in all species
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    Just looks like damage in velvet, see it often in all species
    Damaged whilst in velvet, ossified then cleaned as normal.
    It would have grown a normal set the following season after casting as usual.


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    Thanks for the replies chaps. I thought it might be double eruption because both antlers are so similar and I've never seen one quite like this before or since so thought I'd ask the opinion of the collective.
    Damage would seem to fit in with the state of the left coronet, but what happened will just have to remain a mystery.
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    the damage to the coronet could have been caused by an infection in the growth plate while the antler was growing, or fly strike in velvet possibly....
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    I had it suggested to me getting frost bite on the tips could cause this.

    Frost bite on the tips killing off the growing cells in newly forming antler, as the antlers are growing in the winter a good hard frost could stunt the growing tips as they are full of blood, but as they are still in the process of growing they then continue to grow through nipped bit

    I have shot a few similar, but usually where the stunted bit is, has snapped off giving a coronet like tip and has always been at the thinnest parts, ie the tips, which i would image would be most susceptible to frost bite.

    I have only seen it it roe, and they are really the only deer growing antler in the winter.

    This is just a theory and am willing to accept somebody more knowledgeable to shoot me down

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