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Thread: Shooting near Las Vegas

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    Shooting near Las Vegas

    Just thought I would put the feelers out there. I will be in Las Vegas at the start of October this year and would like to organise some game shooting, we will have our own transport so don't mind driving a few hours into the hills. Anyone know or have contacts out there? White Tail deer would suit all in the party if possible. Dates will be roughly 16th /17th Oct to the 26th Oct.



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    Hi Carl,

    You need to apply for a tag before you can hunt see Nevada Department of Wildlife



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    Have you jumped through the hoops before Richard, if your in a hunting party i'm sure this kind of admin is taken care of?

    Seems like there will be a fair bit of organisation for this trip?


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    Only in Montana, each state is different, in Nevada i think you can apply as a non resident or the outfitter can apply on your behalf.
    Perhaps our American friends on here can answer it better than I.

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    My party of 3 went through Vegas end of Nov 14, the landscape was not very good for deer (mule deer only this far west) as it is too dry. then we went up through Utah = much more deer friendly IMO.
    But get the info from the DNR depts and get your applications in fast as its nearly all a lottery based system in the states now, march was the cutoff date I think.

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    Thanks for the info so far. Not to bothered what we shoot really, just need someone to host a few blokes for 5 days provideing local accomadation, rifles and ammo.

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