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    Who dares Wins

    On Thursday morning I woke to the sound of the rain and sleet hammering against the windows, spent a lazy morning clearing up my loading bench ready for the next batch of ammunition I was going to load that afternoon.
    At 1.30pm the phone rang and I was surprised to hear Robins voice asking if I fancied stalking in the afternoon, he said that the forecast was looking good for the evening,
    He picked me up at 2.30pm and we headed west towards the stalking ground, we were driving through torrential rain and I said that our new doe box on another permission might be the best bet.
    As we approached Heathfield the rain stopped and we could see blue sky between the clouds so we pressed on to our original destination,we parked up and went to our high seats, by now the sun was out and the afternoon was cold but pleasant.
    I sat watching a pair of buzzards flying overhead and as it began to get dark rabbits were running about but no deer at 5pm the light had almost gone so I unloaded and started to climb down from the seat when a group of fallow bucks simply appeared
    From nowhere,(how do they do that) very slowly I climbed back into the seat loaded the rifle, one buck started to walk towards me and at about forty yards I could see that he had a mass of wire wrapped around his antlers, he stood facing me feeding so I placed the illuminated red dot on the back of his neck between the antlers squeezed the trigger and down he went, the rest of the group stood at around eighty yards I placed the red dot on the chest of a buck with only one antler and squeezed the trigger, this buck took off like a bat out of hell then dropped in the open some distance away. it would have been very easy to say, lets not bother especially as I have had three trips to that high seat and seen nothing.

    Cheers Geoff

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    I told you that you have to persevere, patience is the stalkers bye-word. I hoped they would be out after that rain,
    I just didn't expect there to be five bucks, still it was a good result. Well done mate.

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    Welldone is always worth giving it a go I have mates who don't stalk and they say (didn't yer get any fing) it's nice if I do but no prob if I don't and what a great pair of bucks bazil

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    If you can get out just before a break in the weather, it can often be productive once it breaks with beasts wanting to get some sun on their backs or just stretch their legs after having been bedded down out of the worst of the weather.

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    Great result to get a couple especially the one with the wire round his head
    the red dot does come into its own in certain situations
    regards pete

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    you have got to be in it to win it, your never gonna shoot deer in the arm chair at home

    well done

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    Nice pair of bucks well done, if you dont try you dont get

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    Well done Geoff, reckon you "saved" that buck with the curly hair from a possible slow death. And during the rut probably two. Good shooting mate.

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    good conservation work there chap

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    Well done Geoff, once again it would seem the luck always seems to follow you around Geoff. Now about that "how do they do that" they probably were the same group that walked passed earlier whilst you were enjoying that power nap.
    Good shooting and some nice cleaning up, you deserve a few in the bag after all the time you have sat patiently with clients watching, "better luck next time Robin"
    Looking forward to seeing you on the 28th

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