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Thread: Top marks West Mercia!

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    Thumbs up Top marks West Mercia!

    I'm going to buck the trend here, of moaning about turnaround times on certificates and variations.
    I sent off my application to West Mercia in the second week of December for a first grant of FAC and SGC. The FEO came to visit on Wednesday, and the postman handed me my certificates this afternoon.
    Not bad at all, I make it no more than 6 weeks, probably closer to 5, and with Christmas and New Year right in the middle.
    Well done and thank you to West Mercia firearms team, couldn't have been smoother and couldn't have hoped for much quicker.
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    They seem to take a while to get the ball rolling with some stuff, the office side of things are great postage etc. few issues with FEO's being short staffed. I too rate West Mercia they are happy to chase up stuff if it is taking longer than normal and all very friendly.

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    Well done west mercia

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    My initial grant was under W.M. and the service was great.

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