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Thread: Article in Shooting Times

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    Article in Shooting Times

    I have read a post today in the shooting times where the SGA are claiming deer have been wipped out in Argyll due to the fact you cant see them from the road. In my view this is a very poor arguement from the SGA that just because you cant see them from the road there all gone. Surely more concrete evidance needs to be carried out, i.e deer counts, dung counts, habitat impact surveys and so on. If SGA are to be taken seriously then there facts need to be correct.


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    I've been attempting a census on one of my permissions for the last three years (out of interest for the landowner) - initial findings indicate that there are many more deer than you can actually see!
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    I finf that hard to believe, but im sure someone on the forum that lives in that area will let us know

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    I stalk in the area, I disagree.

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    i also stalk in the area and i also disagree

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    In winter seeing deer from the road can be an indication of "having a few deer" as the deer will come down from the open hill in harsh weather. I think these deer might not have been totally wiped out but numbers reduced to a level where a "sporting cull" cannot happen , this will affect livelihoods. These areas will have been counted regular , sometimes useing helicopters and deemed to have to many deer. The red deer of today have no friends with the powers that be . The SGA have some of the countries top deer men , guys who have a lifetime of knowledge and are on the ground all year , they know what they are talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derry View Post
    I have read a post today in the shooting times where the SGA are claiming deer have been wipped out in Argyll due to the fact you cant see them from the road.....
    Maybe this is just an indication that they have become educated to the dangers of presenting themselves within sight or rifle range of a road.

    Which in of itself begs a few questions.

    I hear people complain there are no deer left in certain areas in Ireland. The truth is there are plenty of deer if you will walk half a mile from the car.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    [QUOTE= where the SGA are claiming deer have been wipped out in Argyll


    I'm doing my best

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    I think the SGA are drawing attention to the fact that according to SNH, and therefore the Scottish Government, together with the RSPB, John Muir Trust, National Trust and FC, deer are little more than vermin and these public bodies have killed so many that sporting stalking, together with the employment of those involved, is severely at risk.

    Of course if the muppets in the pretendy parliament go ahead and re-introduce sporting rates, the likelihood is that sporting stalking, leases etc will finish as landowners/farmers/forestry companies will not want to pay them, and will therefore cease sporting/hobby stalking activities, opening the door for control orders and mass culls. This will also have the effect of reducing the market value of such land, meaning that the government can afford to buy more of it to further their loony land reform proposals. T

    Sad really.

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    Sunday afternoon - in the pedant's chair...

    Beg The Question // Get it right.
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