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Thread: Wild boar hide curing

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    Question Wild boar hide curing

    Has anybody any experience in skinning and curing wild boar hide ? I`ve done deerskins before but not a wild boar

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    I have skinned a lot of boar, There gits to do. I think to tan them they make take a bit of doing, There is a lot of fat on them at certain times of the year. Also Boar can stink. If you are successful let me know i wouldn't mind one done.

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    Sounds like a lot of salting and a lot of scraping , but I think I`ll have a go when I get one regards

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    I've skinned a lot of boar and never heard of the skins getting cured . As said there murder to do we scald them in the tank and there's a fair bit of scraping and burning afterwards. There's wool below the hair. As said a lot of fat especially on the saddle at the shoulders

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