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Thread: Excellent service from Speer and thanks to Muir!

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    Excellent service from Speer and thanks to Muir!

    Well, after this thread - I took Muir's advice and contacted Speer and what do you know - this type of bullet was discontinued due to issues with them being undersized!

    Thanks to muir for the advice and also to Speer who very kindly sent me 200 new 30 cal bullets to replace the 100 I sent back to them, excellent service and communication from Coy at Speer.


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    Years ago I was reloading a 22,250 and had the misfortune of a batch of undersize bullets very good for s--t & giggles , very frustrating to say the least .

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    Some 7mm bores and bullets are .285, rather than .284.

    But that .30-30 thing will drive you nuts... like Microsoft in the bullet business.

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    I still haven't managed to get a 30-30 reload to work.....the ones I crimped won't chamber, they go in until about the last 1/16" and then wont go any further......

    Although I haven't tried with these new speer bullets.

    I'm not getting along with 30-30 reloading so far!



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