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Thread: Which Gaiters

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    Which Gaiters

    After buying a pair of Mendle boots I'm looking out for a good pair of gaiters that won't brake the bank...
    Any recamendations

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    I have had more gaiters than tongue can tell, but after much expenditure I've settled on two different pairs for different applications. . .

    For beating and working the dog I use ex army gaiters, they take the absolute worst abuse, thorns and gorse without any damage.

    For general stalking and shooting I use a pair of Mc Gaiters, and find them to be warm, waterproof and very comfortable, just not so suitable for barbed wire, thorns etc etc.

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    Le Chameau done an excellent product named "Kotkor" and they last forever.

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    Not the cheapest but Berghaus Yeti gaiters are the best I've used although they are too warm for summer use on the hill.

    I've had two pairs and they have never let me down, the only disadvantage is that unless your boot has the correct sole they don't work as they should. Mine are on a pair of old Scarpa Manta's which have what I think was called the 'attack' or similar sole.

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    I eventually went for Trailwise Snolock and they are brilliant.

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    Stoney Creek have been the best for me so far.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Malxwal View Post

    I eventually went for Trailwise Snolock and they are brilliant.
    Sent mine back in bits. Replacements arrived today. Regards JCS

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    Another vote for McGaiters here - they are so easy to put on and clean and you don't have the annoying but under the sole of your shoe, I have stepped into water deeper than my hiking boots and these will keep the water out as long as you are quick in getting out!



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    Berghaus yeti or if your lucky find a pair of Kammo gaiters. No problem in water or this weeks snow and slush.

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    My local gunship does some green waxed gaiters for about 10-15 made in England
    only use them when it's really bad but never had a problem they are always dry underneath I personally don't feel the need for anything dearer

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